Utilize Technology for Interior Design

Extremely successful interior design and interior decoration results can be created utilizing online resources such as Skype or Zoom, email and interactive interior design programs. An effective means by which to design your vacation home, or if you happen to live away from the Bay Area.

We have a number of options from which you can work, from our Gold Standard, inclusive (or not) of site visits, to simple guidance so embarrassing or expensive mistakes are avoided.

 “Stacey, Charlene and I still greatly enjoy the rooms that you created for us. I‘m still not sure how you do it without seeing the rooms. We remain in this house largely due to the beautiful interior environment that you created.”  – Dr. David Ploss, Cardiologist, Ukiah, CA


Once we decide to work together, your project begins with a comprehensive consultation. We review your dreams for your home, your priorities, functional requirements, style and more. Images are shared and budgets are addressed. We coordinate the measures of your space(s), whether you are interested in measuring yourself, or we arrange a visit to you by a local draftsperson to do the work.

Sea Ranch

I will request your photographs and videos, house plans and whatever “tools” you might be able to provide. We’ll review images online from pinterest, instagram, Houzz or other sources.  I am then able to pick up on your dream – the light and energy of your space and what you want to create. I’ll have a sense of how various furnishings and fabrics will interact with the architecture, and how it will all feel in your home.


Your budget will dictate the resources we’ll visit in search of your specific design elements – furniture, fabrics, lighting, rugs, window treatments and the like. Pre-selections of everything in your design program will be made, and presented to you for your thoughts and approvals. We may be able to find a convenient location where you might see some of the furnishings in person, or we can arrange a visit to a larger city near you, where a trade design center might accommodate you.


Of course custom furniture can be created locally, where you can see exactly what is being created just for you, and you will always have an opportunity to see and feel fabrics, finish samples and other “samples” of those elements we’ll be using in your interior design.


We’ll manage your purchases and project implementation, or if your pieces are from retail sources, you can purchase yourself. Your project can be completed all at once, or a bit at a time; whatever is most comfortable for you and your budget.

Virtual Design is Effective and Convenient

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