Design Trends

If you know me at all, you know I don’t “do trends”. Clients I’ve worked with over 20 years ago don’t want to update much in their homes. I’m very happy for them, and take pride in creating “timeless” design. We save on contributing to the landfill, and the quality pieces we’ve used have held up beautifully over time.

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Featured in Luxury Daily

An increasingly popular concept is taking over opulent interiors. Finding its way into hotels, residences, retail openings, restaurants and beyond, biophilic design is becoming a new way of life for luxury. The nature-inspired architectural concept provides an opportunity for brands of all kinds to embrace sustainability as consumers around the world ask for it in droves.

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Unlocking the Illusion of Space: Designing Small Spaces to Feel Larger

We all encounter spaces that present design challenges. It could be a compact entryway, a modest living area, a city pied-à-terre, or an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to be used as a bed and breakfast. Regardless of the scenario, there are several design concepts that can enhance the perception of space and comfort.

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The Quality/Price Conundrum of a Sofa

As a member of a business group of designers from across the country we have various discussions around what is happening in our industry. Last week we were discussing budgets, and I was struck by a comment from a designer in the Southeast. She noted her “high” version of a sofa was $5k. That surprised me. The pieces I’ve seen at that price are not something I would consider high quality.

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