Find the space you need!

Space planning is the architecture of your design. A well-planned space will simply feel right and function most optimally. Included with a proper space plan is attention to flow, composition, scale, and proportion. Your functional requirements are addressed, as is your home’s architecture, and your own style and taste.


Do you like to entertain?

Have large family gatherings, or intimate dinner parties?

Is it usually just the two (or four, or more) of you?

What kinds of hobbies or projects happen in the space?

Do you need a spot for wrapping gifts, homework, or building a dollhouse?

Are movies important?


The first step in creating your new environment is an in-depth analysis of how the space, or room, is to be used. Areas are blocked out defining functional zones, and the flow, or circulation patterns are addressed. You want to be sure there is enough room to move around a particular area, and be able to move freely from zone to zone.

Consideration of your various activities in particular areas are then addressed. This will help define furniture and lighting layouts, and the placement of any equipment required. Conversation in large and small groups, games, puzzles and cards, music, hobbies, TV watching, video games – each of these activities are prioritized and noted. Who will be in the space? Children, pets, teenagers – each requires their own considerations.

Proximities are important. Does the kitchen need to be near the family room? Is your living room far enough away from the bedrooms for privacy and sound management? Do you have a large conversation area, or smaller, multiple groupings? Is there floor space for yoga, kids’ toys and dancing?

Being clear on how you actually live is key. As is being prepared for something you have a dream of starting, such as piano lessons. Create for your dream home, and dreams will come true.