Design Services

The style and soul of each interior design project is unique, and our partnership is a very subjective one. It is our hope that we are an excellent fit for one another, and your design services and creativity needs can be met with joy and success. If so, we will create for you the ultimate three -dimensional expression of who you are and how you want to live, with the finest workmanship, materials, and custom design.

We create spaces for our clients that provide a sense of safety and security, nurturance and a place from which to express your life. A place to come home to. For those starting a new chapter in their lives, we provide an opportunity to rebuild your environment reflecting this new phase in your life. We understand the very unique design needs of families moving into their “forever” homes, couples in transition and of divorced men and women.


We offer interior design consultation services to prospective clients, as well as to business partners such as architects, realtors, contractors and landscape designers. Visiting prospective properties to online design, we listen. From that listening, creative and successful aesthetic ideas and solutions are enabled and implemented.

Space Planning

Space planning is the architecture of your design. With attention to flow, composition, scale, and proportion, along with your functional requirements, your home’s architecture, and your own style and taste, a well-planned space will simply feel right and function most optimally.

Custom Furniture Design

Many times the right piece doesn’t yet exist. The specific needs of a particular project or the client’s vision provide for us the opportunity to design and create the perfect element for the space, from bookcases to sofas, tables to chairs, cabinetry to area rugs, lighting fixtures and more.

Biophilic Design, Sacred Geometry and Feng Shui

Elements of Biophilic Design, Sacred Geometry and Feng Shui will always be present in your designs. Excellent design will inherently touch upon the best aspects of these disciplines. We also offer specific programs focusing on each of these, going in-depth and overlaying these principles with your design.

Biophilic Design

Biophilia is the concept that humans have an innate desire to connect with nature and natural systems. Biophilic design builds on this human-nature connection creating a framework in which to create spaces where people are healthier, more satisfied, and more productive. Based on research that identifies specific design patterns that have measurable, positive impacts on human health, Biophilic design addresses the use of light, air, water, mystery, connection of natural systems, circadian color reference, rhythm and the like.

Sacred Geometry and Feng Shui

Sacred Geometry and Feng Shui are based on the natural proportions in our environment, which in turn affect the flow of energy, the balance of yin and yang (male and female energies), and the interaction of the five elements in the universe: wood, water, metal, earth and fire. Proper use and implementation of these practices result in a home that feels amazing, functions seamlessly and produces the most joyful, comfortable and beautiful lives possible.

Virtual Design

Extremely successful results can be created utilizing online resources such as Skype, email and interactive design programs. An effective means by which to design your vacation home, or if you happen to live away from the Bay Area.

We have a number of options from which you can work, from our Gold Standard, inclusive (or not) of site visits, to simple guidance so embarrassing or expensive mistakes are avoided.

   “Stacey, Charlene and I still greatly enjoy the rooms that you created for us. I‘m still not sure how you do it without seeing the rooms. We remain in this house largely due to the beautiful interior environment that you created.”  – Dr. David Ploss, Cardiologist, Ukiah, CA

Interior Design Services

  • Selection and/or design of furniture, fabrics, rugs, lighting, fixtures, finishes and accessories.
  • Fine art procurement and antique acquisition.
  • Custom furniture design, cabinetry/casework design, rugs, window treatments and soft goods such as bedding and pillows.
  • Interior architecture including flooring, wall finishes, moldings, stairway and fireplace designs.
  • Kitchen design and bath design.
  • Management of remodeling projects, new construction, budgets and schedules.
  • Partnering with realtors, mortgage brokers, relocation specialists, professional organizers, art procurement specialists and antique consultants and others.
  • Focused Service Areas: Marin, San Francisco, Sonoma, Napa & Tahoe.



“I love hitting the showroom floor with Stacey Lapuk; she’s a personal divining rod of good taste.

“In only a few relaxed, friendly meetings, she’s able to internalize your style and use it to reinforce your own design decisions. She has stellar connections with all the best showrooms in town, and she manages a coterie of contractors, artisans, and craftsmen to implement your ideas. She is a genius at reinterpreting pricey items to fit your budget and she’ll encourage you to go for a combination of practicality and aesthetics.

“ Versed in Feng Shui, she develops color, fabric, materials and floor plans for the best comfort, design, flow and function in your home.

“No wonder Design Times named Stacey one of the ten U.S. Designers to watch”.

-Gina Pell,