Modern, chic, and warm living room design with fireplace by Manuel Palos



Just as in any complex endeavor, there is a process — a best-practice — to ensure the most successful result possible for your home’s interior design. Our team follows a specific process to ensure that your home is designed to fit your expectations and create a space you will love. As a boutique interior design firm we ensure that each unique project will incorporate customized and specific elements throughout each “event”. Even so, all will follow these basic parameters. 



The fluid process of interior design can be summarized in seven distinct events. The first is our programming meeting. Here, we review your goals, objectives, budgets, and expectations. We focus on your style and your functional requirements, and note your architecture, so that your interior design and architecture will be a continuous and cohesive thought. We’ll review visual clues, including your magazine and web pictures, personal and family images, and items from favorite travel destinations. Finally, we’ll determine and note those pieces, area rugs, and art that you would like to be included in the design, require refurbishing, or re-upholstery.


Next, exact measurements are taken, from which your drawings are produced. Photographs of your home’s interior and of particular existing furniture, area rugs, art, and other items to be used in the final design, are taken.


Our third step is where your design development really begins. Typically, we guide you on an educational, customized tour of appropriate showrooms, vendors, and craftspeople, principally located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not a shopping trip per se, rather an opportunity for you to see and learn what’s truly possible and available, understand pricing and timing, and to dream. The continual, co-creative process of your interior design includes concept development, designs including floor, furnishing, color, and lighting plans, window treatment designs, research specifications, and whatever else your project might require. Samples are obtained, and pricing is considered as options are provided in various price points to best align with your budget.


Our presentations may take a number of forms, depending on your project requirements. Design concepts, various materials, options, and estimates are presented to you. The design is honed as necessary. Additional presentations may take place throughout the duration of the interior design process.



Your design now moves into its implementation phase, where details are refined. Purchase arrangements are made for project elements including architectural materials, furnishings, fabrics, window treatments, flooring, lighting, and so on. Contractors are secured and scheduled as required. For new construction and remodels, elements permanent to the structure including flooring (wood, tile, stone etc), kitchen and bath fixtures and faucets, tile and stone, electrical, plumbing, and painting are scheduled, installed, and completed. Installing your furniture, window treatments, area rugs, lighting fixtures, and the like may take place in phases, or completed at one time.


Art and accessories are critically important areas of design to complete your home and make it your own. Selections are typically placed on installation day, including those elements you may already have and want to be sure are included in your finished home’s design.


Break out the champagne. You’re home!


boutique interior design firm

Client, vendor, architect, and contractor meetings and consultation.

Development of design concepts.

Color and floor plans.

Kitchen and bath design elements, flooring, lighting, wall, and window treatment specifications.

Survey of existing usable furnishings, including specifications for refurbishing and re-upholstery.

Design, research, pre-selections, specifications, bids, and procurement of furnishings, fabrics, wall finishes, and coverings, flooring, lighting, window treatments, and accessories.

Architectural elements such as stone, tile, wood, fixtures, hardware, fireplaces, stairways, and interior molding details.

Shopping for and/or with clients.

Project implementation, management, and installation.