Custom Furniture Design


Many times the right piece doesn’t yet exist.


The specific needs of a particular project or the client’s vision provide for us the opportunity to design and create the perfect element for the space, from bookcases to sofas, tables to chairs, cabinetry to area rugs, lighting fixtures and more.


From simply adjusting dimensions of a piece, to creating the perfectly designed focal point for your room, virtually all aspects of furnishings can be custom created to suit your particular needs, and serve the highest purpose towards the success of your interior design.


Metal and wood selections, sizes and proportions, fills and finishes.  Each element addresses form, texture, color and a myriad of other design attributes, all customized to your unique specifications.


We work with the most amazing artisans and craftspeople to create for our clients the perfect compliment to their style, architecture and needs. To enjoy something completely unique, is special. That a piece does what it should in a space – manage the flow of the air, the reflectiveness of the light, the storage for your needs and the scale to sit properly in your room – is to create your own, true environment.


Many of the pieces we present to our clients can already be customized. Maple or walnut, bronze or nickel, fabrics and leathers, long or short. These have been created by talented furniture designers with beauty, craftsmanship and appropriateness in mind.


Sometimes the design calls for a particular shape, style, material or scale that we can create from the beginning, to fit seamlessly into your custom home. We love the process of incorporating you – your unique energy and style – into a functional sculpture you get to use, and see everyday.


Limitless options in Custom Furniture Design for your home.