Many times a custom piece is the perfect piece

custom furniture design

Eric Chang,
Cofounder Hellman Chang


Sometimes the design calls for a particular shape, style, material, or scale to fit seamlessly into your custom home. Stacey Lapuk Interiors offers custom furniture design throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We work with amazing artisans and craftspeople to create the perfect complement to your style and architectural needs. The furnishings you use in your home should be designed to harmoniously fit you and your family’s unique needs and taste.

Depending on your preferences, custom furniture may be created locally, where you can experience “hands-on” what is being created just for you. Alternatively, if your vision requires certain materials to be shipped from abroad, we can handle this for you from start to finish.


Custom furniture allows you to better integrate Biophilic Design principles into your home’s interior. These principles are centered around our innate human desire to connect with nature. 

Recent neuroaesthetics studies have shown that we have a biological need to surround ourselves with nature and natural systems. Increasing our contact with specific patterns in nature, and bringing the indoors and outdoors together has a proven positive impact on your health, leading to less of the stress hormone cortisol, and more of the happiness hormone serotonin among many other benefits affecting your well-being. Creating custom furnishings that address biophilia specifically, provides our clients with that much more joy and comfort.

When we think of incorporating these principles of nature into our custom furniture design, we address such elements as sustainably sourced materials, or a design that reflects a particular natural light. The ultimate goal is always to boost the happiness and health of our clients.

biophilic design furniture

Each Element Perfectly Suited to You

What materials are perfect for your home? Maple or walnut, bronze or nickel, fabrics or leathers? What type of style aesthetic do you wish to create, from classic to contemporary design, everything in-between or a combination of many styles balanced just perfectly? So much more than simply following a design trend, custom furniture design allows you to express your own individual style.

From simply adjusting dimensions of a piece to creating from scratch the perfectly designed focal point for your room, we can custom-create virtually all furniture and furnishings to suit your particular needs. Our interior design team will manage the process every step of the way, guiding your discovery of exactly what you need and want for your home’s design

What a joy to experience something completely unique: a “functional sculpture” you get to use and see everyday. Browse some of our current favorite biophilic furniture designs.