Paint: Not Just for Color Anymore

You probably wouldn’t consider the impact that wall paint could have on the air quality in your home.  Though you may have appreciated the fact that low and zero VOC (volatile organic compound) paint has long been a sought-after solution to the lingering odors from ongoing out-gassing a new paint job can create, that seemed to be the extent the paint material could be addressed.

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Welcome to Our Secret Source: Rugs for Less than Designer Trade Pricing

We have sourced an amazing company that creates for our clients the most beautiful, ecologically sustainable, 100% child-free labor and 100% natural materials custom area rugs at unbelievable prices. Use one of our existing designs or create a complete custom and unique design just for you, all in just 2-3 months. All our rugs are hand-made in Nepal.

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Buying Furniture: Retail is Not Your Only Option

A few years ago I was hired by a retail furniture store to help them “rebrand” themselves for the Marin and Sonoma markets. Subsequently working privately with clients I was surprised to learn that in their eyes, the best (and usually only) options for buying furniture were retail stores or online sources.

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3 Action Steps to Move you Forward in Furnishing your New Home as a Divorced Man

This article (2nd in a series) is about creating the space, the right home environment in your life from where you can make things right again and move forward most joyfully and productively after your divorce. You may have left a large house, never bought a towel, rarely cooked a dinner and have no clue what to buy, or even where

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Demystifying the Process of Interior Design

We guide you through the process of design, gently stretching your perceptions of what a warm and welcoming space can be.” Stacey says. “Our knowledge of color, comfort, function and style, and your occasional leap of faith, will result in an exceedingly successful environment that feels best – that becomes your expressive, nurturing and productive space you call home.”

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Project 4

Expectations and Reality

“She was interested in how I wanted to live- what my tastes and needs were. She has the quality of furnishings, the convenience, fees and accessibility I wanted. I found Stacey to be an excellent listener, interpreting my likes and dislikes into a wonderful final effect. Stacey’s fees are fair for the work received. She communicated with me every step of the the way, so I felt

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What does “Pure Design” Really Mean?

I received an award from the American Society of Interior Designers, for a master bedroom I created for a Designer Showcase House some years ago. The room was said to be an expression of “pure design”. What did that mean? I wondered. I decided to write about the concept, and would love to share the subsequently published article with you. Though the room itself can

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