Biophilic Interior Design



Evidence-Based, Nature-Inspired Design

Dr. Claudia Miller, the head of medicine at the University of Texas, says “Architects and designers have a greater ability to improve public health than medical professionals”. 

How we design our environments, our homes, has a measurably proven effect on our health and well-being. Incorporated into the recent science of neuroaesthetics, Biophilic Interior Design principles illustrate that when specific patterns found in nature are incorporated into our built environments, we experience happiness! The levels of our stress hormone, cortisol, along with our blood pressure and heart rate are lowered. Our serotonin, known as the “feel-good” hormone, increases. We feel more productive, and more creative. 

The simple fact is that we are genetically predisposed to connect to, and live in beauty and nature. We have a biological need to surround ourselves with nature and the natural world. Across all cultures and throughout the world, we are innately wired – physiologically, psychologically and spiritually – to live in beauty. And we inherently understand that beauty is found in nature. We simply feel better, when we’re connected to nature.

As biophilic interior designers, we provide our clients with beautiful homes that leverage the power of nature-inspired interior design. The results are amazingly successful environments, and very happy and healthy clients!

We synthesize biophilic principles with extraordinary design. Here’s why: 

Biophilic interior design — from the Greek biofilia or “love of life” — recognizes our biological need to connect to and live in nature and beauty. The principles of biophilic design give us tools to create home interiors and work spaces where people are measurably happier and healthier. They direct us to create spaces that align with how we, as human beings, across all cultures and throughout the world, are innately wired. Physiologically, psychologically, and spiritually — we’re born to live in beauty. We simply feel better when we’re connected to nature.

Biophilic interior design has such a profound impact on our happiness and wellbeing that Stacey Lapuk Interiors incorporates these principles into every project our team takes on. Our goal is to blend the energy of natural beauty with the measurable impact of science and over 30 years of luxury design experience to ensure that your house becomes your dream home.

About Our Biophilic Design Work

Far more impactful than bringing a plant indoors or installing a wall of windows (though those things can certainly help), our understanding and implementation of these nature-inspired interior design principles in our work has vastly improved the lives of our clients.

Research has identified 15 specific patterns that have proven positive and measurable impacts on us as human beings. Applying these patterns to the built environment, and understanding that we are biological organisms that have genetic propensities to prefer certain types of ecosystems, helps us design the most effective environments for home interiors and offices.

Whether consciously or not, when we see natural geometric structures in our environment we think and perform better, we feel better and stronger, and we’re more “anchored” in our lives. We’re proactively living our lives, rather than simply reacting to the billions of bits of information with which we find ourselves constantly bombarded. Biophilic interiors reflect this human  connection to nature, which has been integrated into our living spaces from ancient stylized animals and plants adorning temples to garden courtyards, decorative ponds and botanical prints painted on china. 

We’ve always surrounded ourselves with the natural world; now we have the science to help us understand how to deliberately implement these “tools”. The use and presence of water, natural light, air, mystery, rhythm, circadian color references and the like can be addressed and designed for our greatest joy.

Your design comes alive. Your home becomes not simply a place, but a feeling – infused with biophilic patterns designed specifically, and uniquely, for you and your family.

Elements of Biophilic Design

Focusing on our biological connection to nature and beauty, the patterns of Biophilic Design can be organized into 3 categories: Nature In The Space, Natural Analogues and Nature Of The SpaceThe patterns found in these categories range from actual, natural elements to multi-sensory experiences of natural systems. Evocations of shapes, colors and materials found in nature in biophilic-inspired furniture, fabrics, wall decor, tile designs around a fireplace and area rugs to name a few. The use of fractal geometry in patterns and the experience of safety, excitement, mystery and expansiveness in layouts, designs, furnishings and lighting.

Examples of Nature In the Space:

  • Wood and stone for furniture, flooring, and counters
  • Air flow
  • Presence of water, for example the sound of a water fountain
  • Play of light and shadow

Examples of Natural Analogues:

  • Artwork of landscapes
  • Textures resembling those found in nature
  • Natural colors
  • Biomorphic forms and patterns
  • Spatial hierarchies including fractal geometries

Examples of Nature Of the Space:

  • Sightlines down a hallway
  • Open floor plans
  • Transparent materials
  • Nooks
  • Curved edges

Natural Environment

Natural Shapes

Natural Patterns

Natural Light


The Goal of Biophilic Interior Design

The goal of incorporating nature-inspired interior design into your home, is to create an environment that is not only beautiful, comfortable and functional, but positively affects your overall health and well-being. The flow of energy in your home will balance yin and yang. The result is the home of your dreams. As I like to say, “We design happiness”. Biophilic design principles help guide us there.

Stacey Lapuk biophilic interior designer

Benefits of Biophilic Design

  • Reduced Stress
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Increases Focus
  • Improved Overall Sense of Well-Being
  • Boosts Happiness

Dare to create something extraordinary. As your guide and advocate, we will determine what, where and how these patterns should be implemented in your specific design to garner for you the best result possible. We design happiness.

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If you not only want beautiful, custom design, but all the benefits that come with integrating Biophilic principles into your home, we can help. We work with you to develop the story you want to tell with your interiors, then implement your design with custom furnishings, fabrics and finishes, all aligned with the principles of Biophilic Design.

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We also offer virtual interior design, allowing you to design your dream home anywhere in the world. 

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