FULL-SERVICE Luxury Interior Design


Joyful Luxury

For us, it’s not about the chair. It’s about how you experience your home. Are architecture and interior design aligned and cohesive? Do the elements speak to you so you recognize your unrepeatable space that truly transforms the quality of your life?

It’s not about your design style. It’s about balance, proportion, color, texture, light, and even airflow. Our design practice integrates the principles of biophilic design, most especially in our residential projects for your joy, health, and well-being.

As an award-winning design firm, we help you set the stage for a joyful life. Over 35 years of luxury interior design projects provide you with the confidence and excitement of co-creating a home that tells your story, not mine. Our design studio uses custom and bespoke furnishings, fabrics, and other design elements created specifically for you, your family, and your home.

National Award-Winning Decorator Showcase Sitting Room vignette with hand-painted neoclassical cabinet, 19th-century Italian chair, limed walls, and glass sculpture.

Full-Service Interior Design

Whether you are renovating an entire home, remodeling a smaller project, or designing a single room, we co-create with you the home of your dreams. We use art, science, and intuition to express our client’s visions. We help you dare to create something extraordinary – a home that is your sanctuary with soul.

Our goal is for you to feel joy every time you walk through your front door.

Whether you’d like to be an integral part of the process or prefer to have us create for you a turn-key experience, we will customize your project to suit you best.

Wall color changes with the sun, fog and rain. Recycled driftwood accent walls, concrete fireplace surround and skylight. Comfortable, sand and sea-ready fabrics and furnishings.Beautiful view of the lagoon and interior garden.

Our Services include:

  • Client consultations
  • Budget development, refinement, and project management
  • Color and fabric schemes
  • Space planning
  • Selection of furniture, rugs, fabrics and finishes
  • Curation of art, antiques, and accessories including linens
  • Custom furnishings, window treatments, and cabinetry
  • Lighting plans and fixtures
  • Kitchen and bath design and specifications
  • Flooring and wall finishes
  • Plants
  • Survey of existing useable furnishings including specification for refurbishing
  • Architectural elements such as stone, tile, wood, and fixtures
  • Collaboration with key partners, such as architects, contractors, craftsmen, and artisans, lighting and A/V designers, and landscape architects.
  • Procurement and Installation
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Discovery Call

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Your Vision and Style

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Honing Selections

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Enjoy Your Newly Designed Home

DESERVED? Absolutely.
RESULT? Feeling joy every time you walk through your front door.

At Stacey Lapuk Interiors we have the experience, expertise and resources to turn your vision into reality. Even if you’re not quite yet certain what that vision is.
Creating a magical home where you are living just the way you want, enables you to show up in your life fully and without reservations.

Deciding to indulge in the beauty of life with a wonderfully designed home, is an amazing gift you can give yourself and your family. Because you deserve to feel joy every time you walk through your front door.

This is your life. Fill it with wonder. Dare to create something extraordinary.

Green Street bath. Framed bathtub creates a cozy nook. Shelving allows easy reach to towels, candles, soaps, shampoos and collectibles. Wood molding detailing, inset mosaic tile in floor and Ann Sacks tile on walls.
biophilic design furniture


Nature-based design through the guiding and proven patterns of biophilic design has a measurably proven effect on our health and well-being. Incorporated into the recent science of neuroaesthetics, biophilic interior design principles illustrate that when specific patterns found in nature are integrated into our design practice and infused into our residential projects, our clients experience happiness! The levels of our stress hormone, cortisol, along with our blood pressure and heart rate are lowered . Our serotonin, known as the “feel-good” hormone, increases. We feel more productive, and more creative.

The simple fact is that we are genetically predisposed to connect to, and live in beauty and nature. We have a biological need to surround ourselves with nature and the natural world. Across all cultures and throughout the world, we are innately wired – physiologically, psychologically and spiritually – to live in beauty. And we inherently understand that beauty is found in nature. We simply feel better, when we’re connected to nature.

As biophilic luxury interior designers, our design studio provides our clients with beautiful homes that leverage the power of nature-inspired interior design. The results are amazingly successful environments, and very happy and healthy clients!

barefoot luxury

Luxury is that “ahhhh” feeling. Comfort, beauty, and quality. A little bit of excitement and a sense of peace and control. Using the finest materials, intricate details, and beautiful furnishings will create a visually magical home.

Technological advances have allowed for the creation of luxurious fabrics that will hold up to real life. We can install gorgeous, custom-made pieces that fit your space perfectly, to create a sense of sophistication and elegance that will last many lifetimes.

Appropriate architectural design details such as beautiful staircases, fireplace surrounds and molding details will feel luxurious, add personality and character to the space and offer a sense of timelessness.

Barefoot luxury means sitting in a dining room feeling just as great in a gown or tux, or shorts and a t-shirt. A luxurious living room will support your kids, a dog or three, your book club, and your in-laws.

Barefoot luxury means you can live just the way you want. Named one of America’s “Ten Designers To Watch” by Design Times Magazine, we have had the opportunity to create homes that speak to our clients. Luxury is bespoke and unique. It fits you like a well-tailored suit. It allows you to be your authentic self. You and your family feel your best. The quality of your furnishings, interiors, and architecture is reflected back and elevates you to align with the design around you.

Barefoot luxury encourages you to be real in a cozy den, a grand entrance hall, a lovely living room, or a beautiful butler’s pantry. Done well, Its depth and wonder surround you in joy.

Showcase Yellow Bedroom. Custom cracked linen painted screen, Antique Oushak area rug, Nancy Corzine fabric on Neoclassic bed and spread. Laurel Sprigg custom table drape and window treatments. Titanium troweled walls by Olivier Garnier.