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Meet our principal designer and founder

I’ve been in love with art my entire life. It’s who I am. I grew up in Connecticut in an arts-oriented family where creating things was simply what we did. 


Biophilic Design, decades of client work, and years of travel exploring museums, architecture, and fine art around the world. This rich background gives me the skill, perspective, and understanding to create rich multi-sensory experience homes—what I like to call three-dimensional paintings—where you can live and thrive. 


You deserve to live in a beautiful home that reflects the best of who you are, that allows a deep connection to nature and happiness, and that provides seamless functionality for your entire family. I believe a well-designed home sets the stage for a joyful life, and that we thrive in spaces that are intrinsically connected to the natural world. 


My full service boutique interior design firm is here to help you discover your desires, and tell your own story, not mine. We use custom and bespoke furnishings, fabrics, and other elements of design created specifically for you, your family, and your home. 


I seek to create living masterpieces featuring natural materials and systems that reflect your style and taste. And, because many of my clients aren’t always sure of their own style, an essential part of my work is being your guide and exploring who you are and what you like. Your decisions surrounding your built environment become thoughtful, informed and appropriate.


While advocating for you and protecting your interests, our biophilic interior designers will also gently expand your idea of what’s possible so that when you take that leap of faith that becomes your dream home, you’ll feel confident, clear, and overjoyed.

Stacey & Charlie


Clients have called Stacey “a divining rod of good taste”, “a source of inspiration”, “amazingly creative” and “a breath of fresh air.” She has been featured in numerous magazines, coffee table books, and television shows including Traditional Home magazine, Design Times magazine, Northern California Home and Design magazine, and HGTV. Among others, Stacey has been awarded:

stacey lapuk

Your home tells a story—are you ready to create something extraordinary?

You deserve a beautiful home that fills you with joy every time you walk through your front door—a space that reflects the best of you, fills you with deep happiness, functions seamlessly for everyone in your family, and connects you to the natural world. 

You deserve a boutique interior design firm that advocates for you at every step of the way, who is a master of complex projects and budgets, and who has the professional experience, design skills, and industry connections to make your house a dream home. 

Stacey Lapuk Interiors doesn’t simply provide a well-furnished house. Our biophilic interior designers use every skill at hand to create a refuge that brings you joy, enhances your health and happiness, and even helps you to live longer. Through the exciting (and at times overwhelming) process, our gentle guidance helps you make your best decisions every step of the way.

A career in design has given me an intuitive ability to understand and interpret what homeowners have in their mind’s eye, and to feel what they hold dear in their heart. These insights are translated through design, art, intuition, and science to create the feelings you want your home to express—which is perhaps understated luxury, or sheer elegance, or creativity, or simply an overall sense of happiness, harmony, and wellbeing. A well-designed home is an artful combination of any number of elements, from biophilic principles to imagination; the feeling of connectedness to designed artistry, that all have been intentionally created to resonate with who you are.

On one level, our boutique interior design firm will be reviewing plans and fabrics, natural elements, finishes and textures, and furnishings and colors. On a much deeper level, what we’re really doing is giving you the experience of discovery, the luxury of finding out more about yourself and exploring who you are becoming. This journey towards your unique style and soul is not just ripe with possibilities, it’s fun and exciting.

Dare to Create Something Extraordinary.

“Stacey is the best kept secret in Marin! As a fellow woman entrepreneur, I have watched Stacey approach her work with an artist’s eye for detail, taking each project on as a blank canvas while still keeping the client’s vision and budget top priority. She makes her clients happy and satisfied.”

Diana Kimbrell, President – Kimbrell & Company, San Francisco

“Stacey, Charlene and I still greatly enjoy the rooms that you created for us. I’m still not sure how you do it without seeing the rooms. We remain in this house largely due to the beautiful interior environment that you created.”

Dr. David Ploss – Cardiologist, Ukiah 

“What impressed me about Stacey Lapuk was her ability to quickly understand what I wanted. Everything she presented was right on target. She also inspired me to go in new directions without ever being overbearing. But above all, Stacey is down-to-earth and a delight to work with even though she is accustomed to working at the top of her industry and I appreciate that.”

Gina Pell, CEO – SPLENDORA, San Francisco

“Stacey has an uncanny intuitive ability to zone in on the client’s personality. She brought her design and color sensibility to the project after one consultation, which is something I never encountered before – I have worked with designers for over 30 years! Such a unique talent! She pays attention to client’s needs to keep important pieces and to add a fresh perspective based on today’s market. It is a pleasure working with her.”

Jean Zinngrabe – San Francisco