“We care. About you. About extraordinary design. And about our critical need for a connection to nature. We care that your experience transforming your home is one of joy and satisfaction.”


We believe a well-designed home sets the stage for a joyful life. We believe our clients to be our inspiration, our design lens that of a 3-dimensional painting and our connection to nature to be the structure of design excellence. We are committed to creativity, integrity and kindness. Your home tells a story. Let us help you tell yours!

“One of the top 100 Interior Designers in North America”

Blink Art Resource, Cincinnati, Ohio.


Stacey Lapuk


Stacey founded her boutique firm in 1986. She has been acclaimed “One of the top 100 Interior Designers in North America” [Blink Art Resource], “Ten Designers to Watch” [Design Times] as well as various National Home Book Design Excellence Awards. Her company has received numerous accolades. In its home market of Northern California, these include the “Best of Bay” and “Best of Marin” as well as the Stars Competition Award presented by the Northern California Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers [ASID].  After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Stacey did Advanced Studies in Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Color, Graphic Design, Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry and Biophilic Design. Today she sets the bar for the meaning of “Talent” in the industry. She’s been called: “a divining rod of good taste”, “a source of inspiration”, “amazingly creative” and a “breath of fresh air”. 

“Trends are ephemeral.  I believe in design that will last, based on classic structure and quality. That said, I also believe in environments that are actually lived in and used. I believe an inviting home should reflect my client’s energy, dreams, and feelings.”

“Stacey is an extraordinarily talented designer and a person of the highest integrity.
She comes with my highest recommendation.”

Buzz Kaplan | Executive Director C. Mariani Antiques & Restoration



Our purpose is to create homes in which our clients can flourish. Homes that are beautiful and flawlessly expressive of their personalities, stories, experiences and feelings. Understanding the feelings our clients want to express is a talent we’ve honed over the three decades of our design practice. An intuitive ability to see what our clients have in their mind’s eye and to feel what they hold dear in their hearts. Armed with these insights we unleash our creativity – a combination of art, intuition and science – to truly connect our clients’ feelings to those they want their homes to express. Perhaps it’s a feeling of timeless style. Or sheer elegance. Perhaps it’s a feeling of understated luxury. Or a feeling of happiness, harmony and wellbeing. Then again it may be an artful combination of any number of elements and expressions. Because a well-designed home must resonate with your every mood.


Each of our projects are infused with our passion, Biophilic Design. Science has found that healthier, happier lives are lived in beautiful environments that are connected to nature. Based on research that has identified specific design patterns, Biophilic Design – literally meaning “love of nature” – has been shown to do just that. It’s practice fulfills our innate desire to connect with nature and natural systems through the power of interior design. To liberate us from the stress of everyday life and to transport us to a place where we can breathe, and feel a sense of joie de vivre. We implement these specific and proven strategies in every one of our projects, for every one of our clients.

“I’ve worked for and with many interior designers over the years, and Stacey has always been one of my favorites – hands down.”

Todd Bender | Junior Interior Designer, Project Manager at Phillip Thomas, Inc.

“Best of The Bay”,

Bay Guardian, San Francisco, California.

stacey lapuk



The style and soul of each interior design project is unique, and our partnership with you is consequently personal and developed with care. We hope to be an excellent fit for one another, and successfully meet your needs for comprehensive design services and creativity. We begin with our initial consultation, where we review your goals and dreams, and determine if we might be a good fit. Can we help you identify and bring your dreams to life? Are your budget and timeframe aligned with what you want to accomplish? Frank discussion allows us to get to the heart of what you’re truly after, and begins our journey co-creating your amazing new 3-dimensional painting in which you get to live and thrive.



Humans have an innate desire to connect with nature and natural systems. Based on research that identifies specific design patterns that have measurable, positive impacts on human health and well-being, Biophilic Design builds on this human-nature connection to create environments where people are healthier, more satisfied, and more productive. These patterns include those found in color, texture, light, air flow, water and their subsequent connections to natural systems. In addition, circadian color references, rhythm and mystery come together to play a subtle role. This art is also based, in part, on the natural proportions of our environment, which in turn affect the flow of energy, the balance of yin and yang and the interaction of the five elements: earth, water, fire, wood and metal. Elements of Biophilic Design, Sacred Geometry and Feng Shui will inevitably be present in all our work as design excellence inherently touches upon the best aspects of these disciplines.

Virtual Interior Design

Extremely successful interior design and interior decoration results can be created utilizing online resources such as Skype or Zoom, email and interactive interior design programs. An effective means by which to design your vacation home, or if you happen to live away from the Bay Area. We have a number of options from which you can work, from our Gold Standard, inclusive (or not) of site visits, to simple guidance so embarrassing or expensive mistakes are avoided. Once we decide to work together, your project begins with a comprehensive consultation. We review your dreams for your home, your priorities, functional requirements, style and more. Images are shared and budgets are addressed. We coordinate the measures of your space(s), whether you are interested in measuring yourself, or we arrange a visit to you by a local draftsperson to do the work. I will request your photographs and videos, house plans and whatever “tools” you might be able to provide. We’ll review images online from pinterest, instagram, Houzz or other sources.  I am then able to pick up on your dream – the light and energy of your space and what you want to create. I’ll have a sense of how various furnishings and fabrics will interact with the architecture, and how it will all feel in your home.

Your budget will dictate the resources we’ll visit in search of your specific design elements – furniture, fabrics, lighting, rugs, window treatments and the like. Pre-selections of everything in your design program will be made, and presented to you for your thoughts and approvals. We may be able to find a convenient location where you might see some of the furnishings in person, or we can arrange a visit to a larger city near you, where a trade design center might accommodate you. Of course custom furniture can be created locally, where you can see exactly what is being created just for you, and you will always have an opportunity to see and feel fabrics, finish samples and other “samples” of those elements we’ll be using in your interior design.

We’ll manage your purchases and project implementation, or if your pieces are from retail sources, you can purchase yourself. Your project can be completed all at once, or a bit at a time; whatever is most comfortable for you and your budget.


You didn’t lose Your home, You lost A home, and you’re ready to create your New home.

When you have no idea how to design or decorate your new space, our design process can be honed to address your unique needs – those of men finding themselves in a house which no longer reflects their story. We help you by creating a comfortable, beautiful environment where you can move forward infused with confidence and style. We’ll save you from expensive or embarrassing mistakes and ensure long-lasting results with minimal disruption.



Many times a custom piece is the perfect piece

Sometimes the design calls for a particular shape, style, material, or scale to fit seamlessly into your custom home. We work with amazing artisans and craftspeople to create for our clients the perfect complement to your style and architectural needs. Custom furniture may be created locally, where you can experience “hands-on” what is being created just for you.

What materials are just right? Maple or walnut, bronze or nickel, fabrics or leathers? From simply adjusting dimensions of a piece to creating from scratch the perfectly designed focal point for your room, we can custom-create virtually all furnishings to suit your particular needs. What a joy to experience something completely unique: a “functional sculpture” you get to use and see everyday.

Eric Chang,
Cofounder Hellman Chang

“Stacey is the best kept secret in Marin! As a fellow woman entrepreneur, I have watched Stacey approach her work with an artist’s eye for detail, taking each project on as a blank canvas while still keeping the client’s vision and budget top priority.”

Diana Kimbrell | President, Kimbrell & Company

“Best of Marin”,

Pacific Sun, Marin County, California.

Interiors are 3-dimensional paintings in which we get to live and thrive. 

Top Accolades & Summary of Accomplishments
  • “One of the top 100 Interior Designers in North America”, Blink Art Resource, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • “Ten Designers To Watch”, Design Times Magazine, New Jersey.
  • “Best of The Bay”, Bay Guardian, San Francisco, California.
  • “Best of Marin”, Pacific Sun, Marin County, California.
  • Recipient ASID Stars Competition Award presented by the Northern California chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), San Francisco, California.
  • Recipient National Home Book Design Excellence Awards, Two Silver Awards
  • Extensive clientele throughout Marin, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco, the Peninsula and Lake Tahoe
  • Featured in multiple magazine publications, television/radio shows, and periodicals
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Advanced studies in interior design, interior architecture, color, graphic design, Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry and Biophilic Design.
  • Corporate background in creative and production departments of several Bay Area advertising agencies and graphic design firms
Memberships & Affiliations

“Stacey and I had the pleasure of collaborating on an exciting residential project. I was impressed with her creativity, her thoughtful, detail-oriented designs and with her professionalism. I look forward to our working together again!”

Brian Fogerty | President, Owner at Brian Fogerty Lighting Design


Phone: (415) 493-6469  |  Mobile: (415) 320-0077  | Email: stacey@staceylapukinteriors.com

25 Old Ranch Road, Novato, CA 94947

Service Area: Available but not limited to: Marin, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and New York City

“Ten Designers To Watch”,

Design Times Magazine, New Jersey.

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